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I hope you'll let me know if you enjoyed my gallery. Thanks for visiting!

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Question   Thank you for the images
Your photos make my sons excited about science and social studies field trips we hope to take as a family!

- E. Purtill November 30, 2013

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Question   images
great images bucko! hope to see ya on the dock again. thanks for the eagle lesson

- neil rasnick March 14, 2011

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Question   Your website
I enjoyed looking through all the photos on your website. Your wife has done a great job with your bio and captioning your photos. You really capture the beauty of nature with your camera. My favorite pics? The loony birds; they really make me smile. Keep clickin'!

- Nancy Michel December 23, 2010

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Question   South West
The pictures are wonderful love all the nature shots

- Jane Ogram October 17, 2010

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Question   Great photos!
Thanks for the link to your album. I thoroughly enjoyed the Arizona, Alaska and Feathered Friends slide shows. You are doing a fantastic job. Love that eagle with the stars and stripes behind it.
Diane Reed
St Johns Audubon

- Diane Reed October 12, 2010

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Question   Like
Great photos Terry! Knowing that I've met you face to face adds to the thrill of enjoying your talent.

- Alex Ware October 02, 2010

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Question   Awesome Pictures

Your work is fantastic!!!! Thoroughly enjoyed your Alaska photos. I spent almost five years in Anchorage and it still looks as pristine as then (1969-1974). That's where I started taking my first pictures. Best Wishes in your "hobby" turned professional.

Your Friend and Conspirator

- Victor Guerrero April 22, 2009

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Question   Your photos and website
I always knew your photography was special, and am glad to see your website up and running. Best of luck with your new retirement venture

- Don Michel April 11, 2009

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