My wife and I live in the nation's oldest city, St. Augustine, Florida. Living here gives me a great opportunity to take pictures of historic sites and also wildlife of all types that dwell along our beaches and in our forests.
I have actually been taking photos since early adulthood but have only become really serious about photography in the last twenty years. We love to travel a lot, in particular to Alaska and have been there a number of times over the years. We have also traveled throughout the Southwest and many parts of the Eastern United States.
In the early stages of my photography I used a point and shoot camera as I was not really serious. All I was doing was taking family photos or taking pictures of places that we had visited.
When we started going to really beautiful places with outstanding scenery and wildlife, I really caught the bug. I love to be outdoors in the wilderness and take pictures of wildlife in their natural habitat. I knew I had to get better camera equipment to record what I was seeing so that I could share my images with others.
My first serious camera was a Rebel 2000, 35mm. I have also had several Fuji FinePix Digital Cameras, Canon Rebel Digital 300D,Canon Rebel 400D Canon 60D and Canon 7D Mark II that I now use most of the time.
My goals as a photographer are to improve my photography skills and abilities. My wife enjoys framing and mounting my photos in our home and scrapbooking them, using text and artwork to tell the story of our adventures.
I seldom go anywhere without a camera so that I will not miss that one great picture of a lifetime.